Coming together for collective action in the creative industry.

Equity for Equality was founded in June 2020 as a way to directly impact, through donations, organizations working toward diversity, equality and inclusion in the fields of design, art, STEM, entrepreneurship and environmental justice in the BIPOC community.


We’re asking agencies and creative partners to add 1% to client contracts and match their donations to march toward our goal of raising $1,000,000.

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How E2 Works

Add 1% to your new client contracts. Some clients will ask about it. Most won’t notice it. Either way, it’s an important conversation to have about aligned values.







Match that 1%. You’ll have some skin in the game and a clear connection to your clients.






Donate funds – monthly, quarterly, biannually, annually – to organizations working toward diversity, equity and inclusion in design, art, STEM, entrepreneurship and environmental justice in the BIPOC community.






Don’t know where to donate? Ask us. Have an idea? Make sure it’s a 501(c)(3) to keep it tax deductible.






Take the pledge and get listed below as an official E2 partner. Keep your commitment current by sharing your latest funds raised with our team quarterly as we inch closer to that $1mm mark (don’t worry, we’ll send a friendly reminder!)






Feel proud of a corporate responsibility initiative that actually makes a difference. Share that joy with clients, employees and new hires.






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E2 Pledge Partners
B2B specialists in Mobility, Technology and Science
Connection makers for brands and creative agencies
Global brand experience agency
Media strategy, planning and buying agency
E2 Supported Non-Profits
Global collective of Black artists and makers
Inspiring a new generation of coders
Design education for underrepresented youth
Coalition to combat AAPI hate crimes
Working to end white supremacy
Support women and families out of homelessness
Empowering folks out of homelessness
Making summer camp accessible for all kids
Educational opportunities for The Branson School
Supporting Latinx artists and arts organizations
Largest free coding platform for kids
Cultivating Black creative talent
STEM education in Mexico
“We’re invested in finding partners that focus on equity, and Equity for Equality and Butchershop have made a point of supporting organizations like ours that are actively changing the public face of the creative industry. If necessity is the mother of invention, creativity is the undercurrent of the Black community.”
Malene Barnett
Founder of BAD Guild
"Thank you to Equity for Equality for your donation to support equitable access to high-quality summer learning experiences for BIPOC children this summer. Thanks to your support, 32 kids received a free week of camp. The families came from all over Northern California including Oakland, San Leandro, San Lorenzo, Richmond, San Jose, San Rafael, Alameda, Rocklin and Roseville; as well as a family from Austin, Texas!"
Ed Caballero and Sharon Mor
Co-Founders of EDMO